Jasypt 1.9.2 RELEASED! (February 25th, 2014) [DOWNLOAD and ChangeLogs] [WHAT'S NEW IN JASYPT 1.9]

Java Simplified Encryption

Jasypt is a java library which allows the developer to add basic encryption capabilities to his/her projects with minimum effort, and without the need of having deep knowledge on how cryptography works.

  • High-security, standards-based encryption techniques, both for unidirectional and bidirectional encryption. Encrypt passwords, texts, numbers, binaries...
  • Transparent integration with Hibernate.
  • Suitable for integration into Spring-based applications and also transparently integrable with Spring Security.
  • Integrated capabilities for encrypting the configuration of applications (i.e. datasources).
  • Specific features for high-performance encryption in multi-processor/multi-core systems.
  • Open API for use with any JCE provider.
  • ...and much more

Have a look at the complete set of Jasypt Features or check the FAQ.

With Jasypt, encrypting and checking a password can be as simple as...

StrongPasswordEncryptor passwordEncryptor = new StrongPasswordEncryptor();
String encryptedPassword = passwordEncryptor.encryptPassword(userPassword);
if (passwordEncryptor.checkPassword(inputPassword, encryptedPassword)) {
  // correct!
} else {
  // bad login!

...encrypting and decrypting a text...

StrongTextEncryptor textEncryptor = new StrongTextEncryptor();
String myEncryptedText = textEncryptor.encrypt(myText);
String plainText = textEncryptor.decrypt(myEncryptedText);

...and what about encrypting some sensitive data directly from Hibernate?

<class name="Employee" table="EMPLOYEE">
  <property name="address" column="ADDRESS" type="encryptedString" />
  <property name="salary" column="SALARY" type="encryptedDecimal" />

But of course, besides easy, jasypt is highly configurable. You will be able to choose encryption algorithms, salt generation and many more advanced features...